Dirty Bertie

Meet Dirty Bertie, a boy with revolting habits that cause his family to despair. He’s full to bursting with madcap plans and potty ideas, and if it’s TROUBLE you’re after Bertie is always up to his neck in it.

Since Bertie’s first appearance in a picture book the grubby trouble magnet has become a firm favourite with readers worldwide selling over 1.7 million copies.

There are now over 30 titles in the series and more on the way. Dirty Bertie is available on Audio and is published in 27 languages around the world including German, Spanish, Chinese, Welsh and many others.

Each book contains three fun-packed short stories with wonderfully witty illustrations by David Roberts. There are lots of DIRTY BERTIE books to collect…

“Lots of grime, plenty of chaos, strong illustrations, great fun!”Books for Keeps.

Dirty Bertie has his very own website!


ISBN: 978-1788950251

Join Bertie as he concocts a magic potion for Miss Boot to make her forget the dreaded maths test, finds himself at Know-All Nick’s house for the worst sleepover ever and unexpectedly wins out over the school bully.

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ISBN: 978-1847156662

In his latest adventure Bertie finds fame in a TV advert but will he live to regret it?

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ISBN: 978-1847154248

Bertie breaks a window and faces the wrath of Mrs Nicely.

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ISBN: 978-1847154415

Rodent alert! Mum and Dad discover mice in the house but Bertie is keen to adopt one.

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Join Bertie as he wins a fortune on the lottery (possibly).

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ISBN: 978-1847155122

Events get out of hand as Bertie welcomes visiting aliens to his house!

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ISBN: 9781847150059

Bertie takes a flea-ridden Whiffer to the vet and takes on a dare at school.

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ISBN: 978-1847150394

Bertie teaches a toddler her first word

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ISBN: 978-1847150486

Three chaotic Christmas stories in one book as Bertie has to dress as an elf.

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ISBN: 978-1847150738

Bertie tries to catch sister Suzy’s germs to avoid going to school

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ISBN: 978-1847151391

Bertie sets out to prove that grumpy caretaker, Mr Grouch is a vampire.

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ISBN: 978-1847151674

Bertie comes a cropper at the hospital and forgets his trunks at swimming!

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ISBN: 978-1847152008

Bertie challenges Know-all Nick to a sledge race and breaks a surprising world record.

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ISBN: 978-1847152343

Yo ho ho! Join Bertie and his scurvy crew of swashbuckling pirates.

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ISBN: 978-1847152442

Bertie builds a haunted house and tries to cheat at the Spelling Bee!

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ISBN: 978-1847153630

On a trip to the dentist, Bertie thinks murder is in the air.


ISBN: 978-1847153746

Bertie is sure mean Mr Monk is keeping a pet dinosaur in his top room.…

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ISBN: 978-1847153869

A zombie Eugene gives Bertie a fright and he gets his head stuck in the railings at the zoo.


ISBN: 978-1847152268

Something stinks and it’s Whiffer! Bathtime calls but he hates getting wet.

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ISBN: 978-1847151247

Whiffer is not happy when Bertie gets a robot dog called Tiny.


ISBN: 978-1847151568

Angela Nicely is on the warpath and – horrors – she wants to kiss Bertie!

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ISBN: 978-1847151148
Leicestershire Children’s Book Award Winner

Stuck on a school coach trip in traffic, Bertie is desperate for the loo!


ISBN: 978-1847150721

When Bertie is chosen to play in goal for the school team a mud bath is guaranteed.


ISBN: 978-1-84715-071-4

At school Bertie is chosen to meet the visiting Mayoress but is strictly forbidden to pick his nose.


ISBN: 978-1-84715-017-2

When Bertie loses a bet to his sworn enemy, Know-all Nick, he has to come to school in his pants!


ISBN: 978-1-84715-071-4

Bertie declares war on Miss Beansprout’s new healthy school dinners.


ISBN: 978-1847150042

In Bertie’s very first chapter book he causes havoc as an earthworm at Angela’s pink birthday party.


ISBN: 978-1847158116

Bertie is picked to be the mascot for Pudsley Rovers, attempts to get himself expelled from a geeky summer camp and designs his very own robot


ISBN: 978-1847157812

Join Bertie in Disco! his 29th adventure as he gets tricked into accompanying Angela Nicely to the school disco.

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ISBN: 978-1847159465

Join Bertie in SPIDER!, his 31st adventure, as he shocks and amazes his classmates with his huge pet spider.


ISBN: 978-1847156754

Why are bogies green? Are boys smellier than girls? Does everybody fart – even teachers?

Dirty Bertie – the boy with nose-pickingly revolting habits – is back! Join him as he tours the human body to discover the weird, wonderful and plain yucky things happening right under our noses.

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ISBN: 978-1847154613

Bertie sneaks into a scary film and manages to wreck Gran’s date with Reg.

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