Troll Trouble

When a family of trolls move in next door to the Priddle family, things are going to get ugly, not to mention hairy and smelly…

Illustrations by Mark Beech – Published by Bloomsbury
Also available as a BBC Audiobooks series read by Clive Mantle

“The Trolls had coarse brown hair sprouting all over their bodies. It hid their faces except for their coal-black eyes, their snoutish noses and the two sharp white fangs either side of their mouths…”

“MacDonald’s wit and clever characterization are reminiscent of Roald Dahl”



ISBN: 978-0747584735

When a family of trolls move in next door things are going to get ugly (and possibly hairy and smelly too). Young Ulrik tries to make friends but the Priddle family are determined to be rid of their noisy neighbours.

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ISBN: 978-0747584711

Ulrik Troll is desperate to be picked for the school football team, but he doesn’t really understand the rules. He soon finds that being fierce and scaresome will only get you a red card.

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ISBN: 978-0747586302

The Trolls are excited when the Priddle family invite them on a caravan holiday. Yet when they arrive their neighbours don’t seem pleased. Worse still, there are rumours of a mysterious beast stalking the moors.

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ISBN: 978-0747586296

The Trolls at number ten are getting ready for a traditional Trollmas (like Christmas only smellier). Panic takes hold when they learn that Grumpa Troll is paying a visit and will expect Goat Pie for his dinner.