History of Warts

Illustrated by Mark Beech – Published by Bloomsbury

Since the dawn of time members of the hapless Wart family have been dogged by disaster.

“A brilliant mix of Horrible Histories and Blackadder” lovereading4kids.com

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Sir Bigwart: Knight of the Wonky Table

ISBN-10: 0747594686

When King Eggnog rashly offers the hand of his daughter Princess Miranda in marriage, Sir Bigwart sets out on a daring quest with his faithful squire Toby in tow.

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Custardly Wart: Pirate (Third Class)

ISBN: 978-0747594673

At the Dankmarsh School for poor orphans, the children sleep four to a bed and exist on watery porridge. Teachers don’t last long, and so when a new one arrives they are intrigued, especially since he has an eyepatch, a huge moustache and calls himself the Captain.

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Ditherus Wart: (Accidental)

ISBN: 978-0747594666

Ditherus Wart does NOT want to be a gladiator or go to gladiator school, especially if has to face large, hairy warriors who wish to chop him in small pieces.

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Honesty Wart: Witch Hunter! 

ISBN: 978-0747594697

Life for Honesty and his sisters Mercy and Patience is not a bundle of laughs. His family are strict Puritans and singing, dancing and anything that sounds like fun is forbidden. Life, Honesty thinks, can’t get much worse when Christmas is cancelled by order of the government.

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