Superhero School

Welcome to Mighty High School, the training school for junior superheroes. Stan Button (Dangerboy) cannot fly but he has ears that alert him to danger. He’ll need them when he starts his new school. Teaming up with Miles, Minnie and Pudding the Wonderdog, the novice crime fighters soon find themselves facing evil villains whilst trying to pass their Heroes exams.

“Avengers meets Captain Underpants” The Star

“This laugh out loud series is perfect for young readers”

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Published by Bloomsbury.  Illustrated by Nigel Baines

Superhero School: The Revenge of the Green Meanie

ISBN: 978-1408825235

Stan Button had always dreamed of becoming a superhero. Then one day a letter arrives inviting him for an interview at the mysterious Mighty High School.

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Alien Attack!

ISBN: 978-1408825242

Welcome back to Mighty High – the school for superheroes. Stan and his friends are so busy preparing for their Heroes exams and having flying lessons that no one seems to realise that Miles has been abducted by aliens!

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Curse of the Evil Custard

ISBN: 978-1408825259

When Dr Sinister hatches his latest plan to take over the world, and creates evil custard that turns children into deadly blob monsters, what better place to try it out than an unsuspecting school?

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Thunderbot’s Day of Doom

ISBN: 978-1408825266

Our heroes, Stan, Minnie, Miles and, of course, Pudding the Wonder Dog, face their toughest challenge yet – a weatherman gone bad!

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