Iggy of the Urks

Iggy is not like most of his tribe, the warlike Urks, he has a head full of ideas and inventions. Maybe that’s what lands him in trouble. Meet Iggy, Hubba, Chief Hammerhead and the rest of the tribe in a series brimming with Stone Age chaos and comedy.

“When you feel like a bit of an adventure story then read this book.” The Guardian

“Fans of Mr Gum will love this new series featuring a wonderfully adventurous cave boy.” Julia Eccleshare – lovereading4kids.com

Illustrated by Mark Beech – Published by Bloomsbury
Also available as a BBC Audiobooks series read by Clive Mantle


ISBN: 978-1405664844

At the Feast of Urks , Iggy must slay a deadly snake in order to become a warrior. Now would be a good time to think of a cunning plan…

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ISBN: 978-1408803356

Long ago a giant scaly beast terrorised the Urk tribe, covering children in slime. Now the Slimosaur is back and one Urk must be sacrificed to save them all.

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ISBN: 978-1408803363

When Iggy finds a lost girl in the forest he decides to escort her back to the Cloud Mountains. However when he arrives he finds the Henna tribe have a funny way to welcome their guests.

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ISBN: 978-1408803370

Old Grumbly has begun to rumble and spew smoke. Many Urks fear it may be the End of the World. It’s up to Chief Hammerhead and Iggy to save the tribe.

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