Horrible Non-Fiction

Published by Scholastic

The Horribly Famous series spills the beans on the lives of everyone from Elvis to Queen Victoria.

Henry VIII: Heads Will Roll

Illustrated by Phillip Reeve
ISBN: 978-1407198095

Everybody knows that king Henry VIII is horribly famous for having a bit of a weight problem, marrying six unlucky wives and getting very carried away with his chopping block.

“Wildly Funny” schoolsnet.com

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Queen Victoria: Her Great Empire

llustrated by Clive Goddard
ISBN: 978-1407198118

Everybody knows Victoria married a chap called Albert and wore black clothes – all the time. But did you know that Victoria:

Went on her holidays in disguise?

Was best pals with her rude Scottish servant?

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Churchill – His Finest Hours

llustrated by Clive Goddard
ISBN: 978-1407192451

You’ve probably heard of Winston Churchill. He’s the one who raised his fingers in a V sign and smoked a massive cigar. But did you know he made a daring prison escape, got lost on the London Underground and once greeted the American President straight from the bathtub? 

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